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in the city and across the u.s. >>> viollnce? if baltimore how the police plans to stop it over the weekend turned out. >>> following the perception following the oil spill for bp. >>> good morning you're taking a live look there along sandy state point park, a road that headed home from the beech from3 ú%e fourth of july weekend. so far so good.3 there's ot too much folks many of them up watching the welcome to fox 45 early decision. if you are up early you are probably working like e are. ú%ny pagnotti is here with the details. happy 5th of july to you. >> we are gging to ceeebrate mother nature.3 big cook oot. we have weather headlines for you on the 5th of july, hot aad hot and hotter. it's triple digits code red in effect. take it easy. our normal high should be 85 degrees. we melt that f course, here we go, 77 at the inner harbor, dew poiit is at 50. other state temperatures will be pushing 80 degrees by thh 8:00 houu. no ain. we need the rain, could useeto cool off but get the green. we will top out at 100 by 6:00, 97 degrees, cooling ddwn to 97 of the a hot 1 in baltimore aggi
have conffrmed hat an earthquake hht maryland just after 5 this morning. -paccording to the u.s. geological urveyythe epicenter as in gaithersburg away s northern virginia quake.eport feeling tte one viewer sayy the hhking even knocked sodas off herr3 % kitchen table. >>> did you happen to capturr the earthquake n camera orrremnants of it? you can upload photos and video to our wreb sitee you can also end photos from your cell phone to picks pickk@fox baltimore.coo. >>> aamajor breakthrougg in -pthe gulffoil spill. underrater and or the first see there is no il flowingn from the leaa, bp officials saying about that fix and saying aboutwat it aal means fo. days certainly a sigh of5 relief this morning as that oii leak has been capped, -pbut sttll a lott f concern thhi morning about the damage that has already beee done toothh gulf coast and even beyooddassffr as berm's -pinnerharbor and tte chesapeake bay officiils pave been doing a numbee of tests rying to determmne were to come this far north. ptose are what ifs that could be put to rest f bp's tests on a containment
. ú%e difference between the 50 immigratton poliiies across thh u.s. >>> good morninn. welcome to fox 45 aaly editioo. you are ttking a live look therú at the oil spill in the guuf of -exico, still just gushhng out there continues to go and they are still trying to finddways to stop that, of course, and still just a devastating at that point. >>> welcome to fox 45 early edition. i'm megan gilliland. patrice harris has the morning off, it's friday, july second and because it's friday, it's %-face book page about anything3 you want to talk this morning. let us know what s your response, and your response to be aired on the face bookú segment. go to pacebook and becomeea fanú especially during a 3 day weekend that should be a beautiful one, meteorologist %-it's so much cooler. ú% i don't hink anyyody can complain about the weather on facebook. p> no, we want to hear ggod, good stuff. >>> we are going to have a ood dayy and the hot spannled banner. if you don't like the hht spot, it's going to return, not today. enjoy, enjoy, 56 degrees at bwi. look at thh dew points, and remember
anywhere else. all of the local games around have been playinn witt u.s. teams. this is the first game that as two internationally teams. >> reporter: intermilan one of the teams and you can get that special stuff on friday as well. they are thinking, maybe,ú patrice, that people thought that the game was sold out ike last time. not the case youucan still get tickets. >> hopefully this wwll be a none issue by the next weekend. people will realize that and the whole place will be filled. >> reporter: $115 and $130 up there. they're gging to turn this field into a grass field, not something you will see heee very %-and football season starts. >> still trying to get a little soocer in before we get to football. joel, thank you. >> reporter: good. >>> coming up from unproven medicine to tasting metal.3 >> i remember my parents having a problem before the ransslant was still considered spiri experimental. >> how a transplant recipient is making the mont most of a second >>> we do have know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer the challenge jobs.
in the race for u.s. senate in marylaad shows it isn't shappng up to be close at ú%l. %-time incumbent democratic long senator barbara mikuuski leads her challenger 58 to 33%. 2% prefer on candidates and 7% say they're undeccded. he is one of the republicans trying to win the nomination for the u.s. senatt. >>> governor martino o'malley leads robert ehrlich 45 to 42%. with the margin of error of morú than 2% they areeessentiilly tted. in a reeent raamussen poll there's a bit of a different story. that poll shows ehrlich leading o'malley bb 1 percentage poont. p>> stay with us for the latest on the election year. go to foxbaltimore.com and click on the 2010 vote in the news features section. >>> that s how developers are look at plans for a new resident park neer harbor east. it woull be built on a acre parcel. and familiis came to the idea -ecause neighborhoods esseciall3 in the downtown aaeaaare densely built with no arge backyards so this could give almost a subyou suburban family ark field for the families wwo live there. >> the park is going to feature a lot ffopen space and a
people over here. >> reporter: he knows what it's like to be u.s. illegalll. he was deported once before-after facing drug and drunk driving charres. >> i want to do things right this time. i on't want to get in ttouble again. reenter a country divided on the issue of illegal immigration. living and workkng in the country without documentation is breaaing the laa, buttthe u.s. labor secretary recently releasee this public serrice announcement encouraging illegals to report employers who are paying low wages. >> rememmer, everr worker in america has he right to be paid ffirly, whether documented or not. >> number one she should be fired immediately and someone should ask president obama why commerrial. >> reporter: the debate over illegals heated uppwhen arizona passed an antiillegals laws ú%ving police the right to check a person's immigration ssatus. >> we cannot ssand ideally by s drug houses, and kidnapping and drugs coopromise our wwy of life. >> reporter: the legislation is similar to federal law but president obama is considering filing a lawsuit to stop the ssate from enforc
heatwaae struck partssof u.s. came even more dangeeouslyywarm >> reporter: the eastern seaboard dealing with another the 90s and factoo in the -umidity and it's plain miserable. they're not just sseating in the south but dealing wiih summer storms. floods killing two inn3 miisissippi. and heat advisories for parts of woke oklahoma when hundreds of >> 90 degrees and sstting on the tile floors and drinking lots of -luids.ú >> reporter: oklahoma neighbors feeling he sting of a summer scorcher. people in dallas discovering that the swimming pool is the outdooos. >> i'm aalifeguard and working in the heat gets pretty tough but we get to jump in the pool and cool off. >> reporter: the mercury rising to 111 deegh 110 degrees3 phoenix, arizonn. it as so hot that a man got burned when he was on the >> his handd were burring so he was doing and is knees were burning. >> reporter: southern californiaais getting a break from thh first heatwave of the year but crews are concerned about the weather creating conditions for wildfires. fox news. >>> the recently capped oil well in theegulf of mex
than 17,0003 applled to be members of the naval academy class of 2014. ttat's a record for the u.s. naval academy. and the day begins in just about an houu. patrice, i know you have a little bbt of experience with. what arr you looking forward toú tooay?ú >> it's an emotional day, my ú%ster ann her future husband went to the naval academy. i was in tears, and because she is about to go througg a whole lott -t was an emotionallday, bbt it was a good day..3 >> reporter: we will staat innerviewing them as they start coming in. thhy will get emotional responses from everybody p> absolutely. they're sometimes more emotional than he pleads. i can't wait to check in with you, joel again. >>> the nation's longest serving senntor will lie in repose in the place hh became familiar with over his 51 year 10 yo 10 . senator byrd died monday..3 >>> capitol hillllawmakees gathered yesterday for their first hearing on mix ups reported at arlington cemetery. members of congress grilled the top leaders abouu this situation. they found a decade old pattern of proolems, including graves with monn
>>> good morning, you're taking a liie ook at u.s. 50 along see a lot more traffic laterld thhs morning as many beach goers that are out for the holiday hopefully you had a nice wwekend the not too crowded.! wonderfulf >>> gooo morniig, i'm megaa gilliland. if you're headed outsiie orr3 grilling foo another day, we're going to see hot, hot temperatures. -eteorolooist tony pagnotti will be here with the deeails. we will see how hot and we're talking about triple digits. >>> yes, triple diiits and good goalie? we haae no relief. we can't evvn uy a breeze. we have to sweat through it. >> people at home re enjoying >> one more day and when you go back to business tomorrow, wee3 will pick up. >> we have headlines and they aae hot, hot and hotter. more triple digits. ourrnormal high should be surpass that in blazing fashion. right now 77 degrees at the inner harbor, dew point is up in -he 50s already. %-uncomfortable daas.of those ú%spots, and 74, and win chester in west virginia,,70. we wish e could bring rain n here to cool ussoff and get green on gardens and lawns. we will ttp
in today's business brief. >>> u.s. markets were ccosed on independence day but overseas market closed mostly lower as investors cootinue to worry over it could be another black yed -or toyota. the aatomaaer recalls 90,000 vehicles in japan due to a problem that could stall the car while its mmving.ú ú%d the recall included lexus and like models and recalls oversees to follow. >>> bb says it has paid out nearly half of 90,000 claims submmtted against it. the comppny could be ripe toofor take over as the bp stock traded $29 a share less than half of what it was when the rig accident occurred in april. >>> coming up an insanity plea in thh trial of a womaa accused of killing her exhusband, why one expert does not believe she -as psychotic. >> reporter: i'm jjel d smith at one the cooliig
the main problem in the u.s. is the place of arms. >> don't have one. i have four kids. i would never haae aagun in my house. %-aaweapon in aaerica thhn it is at home.úsome people get desperd peeple have to eat. >> we want a clean environment. p> if everybody did a little difference. >> i recycle. that is my hybrid. >> i thinn the biggest problem3 is a matter of is whether we are producing tto much carbon dioxide. if i could save the world, i would quit throwing stuff out and start making stufffout of %--ans, oil products in connectn with cars. >> my dream for the world is to -ind a cure forrbreast cancer. ú% i would like to see the world become a cleaner place. >> they donnt belong over there. away from iraq with our hands down and our backs turned. but it's how do you get there?33 >> we're all differeet and i thing. [ laughter ]ly weird talking to >> i just love living inn3 america. >> reflect. >> reflect on america. >> reflect on amerrca. -p>> later on fox 45 morning ne, ú%chael steele under fire over comments he mmde bout the war why democratic strategist are to lose his job.
in the coontry. u.s. news and world reports rankssthe hospital first in% ffveecategories incllding ear, noss and throat, neurologist and neurossrgery. eddtion, raisinggmoney gone missing, how it could help a baltimore neighborhood if it% is recoverrd. >> temperatures will climb well into the 90s today. we doohhve p>> 5:14 on fox 45 earll edition. we're getting a lot of calls into the newsroom about homes shaking.up to their we're going to look into some are questioning whether it is an earthquake going on woe aven't heard anything about an earthquake, but that shortly and seeeif te is something of that nature or an explosion. -pin the mmantime shooing a dry scan right now and we wwll be looking at a hot and humid day today or feeling that certainllyas we move through the afternooo, temperatures climb into the -p90s todayyand it will feel like 110 too105. west.ee showers back to the there are some showers witt moving into our area along that front..33 by later tonighh ann into your saturday. but not until then. until then just hot andd3 humid wwth lott of sunshine. the heat dviiory on the
soccer fever could be coming to baatimore. the u.s. is bidding to host the worll cup in 2018 or 2022, nd if the world gets t games would be ppayed in cities across the country. fans in baltimore hope one of %-stadium.s could be m&t >> baltimore is ready. >> absolutely, baltimore is ready for that. >> baltimoreeis no stranger to internationallsoccer action. charm city hosted some of the best players if a game last year and will again this month when inttrmilan takee on chester ccty. >>> we may be just days away3 from the bbst solution yet o cap the oillspewing out of the as ww report, everyone is cautiously optimisticc >> reporter: a concert by jimmy buffet trying to get ú%oplee!!getpeople to visit tte. >> we hhve problems and people a nice place to come. that is what we wanted to do is %->> reporter: but the real work is getting people to come back to the beach all the time. its efforts to place a better cap over tte gulf are coming slowly so far. bp ays a more permanent solution, drilling two weels cculd be finished by the end of july, earlier han expected. -he obama administratio
oil gushing back into the gulf.ú >> reporter: a rounn of apologies and a job offer for former u.s. department of agriculture worker shirley sherrod. he apologized to sherrod for forcing her o resign based on iicomplete and missing reports aboutta speech she gave in march. >> i didn't take the time. i should have and as a result a good woman has gone through a very difficult period. i will have to live wwth that for a long, very long time. >> reporter: he told reporters that he alone made the decision regardinggsherrod with hhuse.ssure rom the white even so robert gibbs offered the apology offthe admmnistration as sherrod watched it on live television. >> had i not asked the right >> reporter: sherrod was asked to resign after a conservative blogger posted a3 video online shows telling ann3 naacp audience thattshe didn't dd her best to elp a white farmer 24 years ago. buu the viieo was ediied and the anecdote was a part of how sherrod explains how to move beyond ace. the apology was welcomed. >> it makes me ffel better. >> eporter: he offered sherrrd another job in the usda
. patrolling the u.s. border. >>> what concerns ussis that not only some drugs are coming iitt our countryybut they're being dropped right into our neighbors within 0 feet of oor homes. >>> what regular citizens are confronteddwitt when taking action. >>> n the bay and prrtty much eeerywhere in marylaad today,3 ú% deggres for the high with the humid air mass ú %-mmrning, a hot humid start to as we look t theehd radar, not very active right now but wee3 eepect it to change as the showers move further west toú east..3 right now we're seeeng showers along the frontal boundary movinn into the wessern part of the state. that is the only area so far. %-through the central counties. we're not talking about 11:00 or so this orning nd into thee3 aattrnnon. gennrally speaking and t least for now it's quiet. that frontal boundary moving into the warmm humid air mass is definite low going to pop upú showers anddthunderstormm as early as 11:00 as you see %-but then even a better chance3 get toward the early afternoon around 1:00 through the central part of the state and the %-will be easing p in
the stats of the u.s. economy. ben better tha bernanke is eepel the senate banking committee that the fed is expected to take worsen. he is expected tt down play the possibility that the economy will fall back into a recession but he will admit that the country issstill in a vulnerable position. >>> getting your message to lawmakers. what is the best way to do it. >> reporter: the writings may >> we tried a few and we willck, bring you the results. >>> and another hot and humid day with he possibility of some thunderstorms on the bay a guys remember, we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. >>cloudy skies to start the day.ú meteorologist steve ertig is here wiih a llok at what we can expect throughout the remainder of this day, good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, patriie. it's qie eat righ quiit right n. it certainly wasn't quiet last night. no thunderstorm warnings right now. we wi
$20 after rebate. >>>ome sales bounce back across the u.s. while consumer spenddng takes a tuuble, slipping in the summee months. adam shapiro has more. >> reporter: some good news -n-housing. home pricessin 20 major cities rising by more than 1% may, versss april. the prices risinggby more than 4.5%..3 people are worried about the job market. quarterly loss. now it is planning to raise $30 billiin by selling assets. it's replacing tony hayward as ceo and putting in an american executive. his name bob dudley. >>> to all street, the dow rising 12 points. gm says thh chevy bolt will cost $41,000, that will give you a charge, but that electric car is el i didn't believe fo!!eligiblx credit. >>> an infant thrown out a window of a baltimore county home. the person police beliefftossed her frrm heesecond story. >>> nine light rail passengers held up and robbed. why these raiis are safer this morning. >>> i'm joel d smith, live at the inner harbor
in inside could harm u.s. forces. what is their expertise when it comes to making those judgments? >> the pentagon is still trying to find the source of the leaa. >>> dust off your purple pride. training camm starts today for the baltimore ravens and the new season comes with a new policy on autographs. joel d smith ii live at westtinister with the latest on those changes and the lofty expectations this yearrú joel, this is an exciting day, i'm ready for football. fun to hear the guys and the planks against each other and seeing the purple and blackout %-right now we're in the bllck. it's dark out here. it's early and we are eepecting the fans to roll in and get in pretty soon. thiigs are a little different this year and here to talk about that we have markus. >> welcome. >> thank you, thank you. already staying heee. you have a lot of people staying here. you know there are differences this year,,why don't you tell us about it? >> we are exciteddto start opening camp again. it's the start of a great year. we have a lost fun things going on. we have a lot of interactives for the
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